Entrepreneur, Internet Marketing Consultant, Father, Horseman and Humanitarian helping improve everyones future outcome! 
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Hello and welcome to Fergals Business Network introduction page. 

Fergal Sheehy here! Entrepreneur, Internet Marketing Consultant, Father, Horseman and Humanitarian helping improve everyone's future outcome! 

I'm from a small port town in Ireland called Dundalk, located on the north east coast of Ireland. That’s me in the picture! You can also visit my social media platforms by clicking on any of the social media icons and I'd be happy to connect. 

Thanks for taking time out to visit my business network. I will start by telling you how I came to find internet marketing and using that industry to learn how to market affiliate opportunities and products to earn myself a comfortable income stream so I can continue to follow my dreams and achieve my goals in life. The key to all this is the right products or services plus the right team!!!

"We Rise By Lifting Others..."
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"Fergals Business Network Goals"
My main aim is to teach my readers and followers how to succeed in the Internet Marketing Industry no matter what industry you,re involved in and with my main marketing platform you will quickly learn how easy it is for you to start from scratch in any niche or industry from the retail industry, home based business owners, Internet Marketing Companies to Affiliate Marketing.

I had planned to create my own online Internet Marketing training course but as I'm already involved with a fantastic group of entrepreneurs and top Internet marketers from all corners of the globe whose aim is to teach as many people as they possibly can to succeed in the online marketing industry! 


Learn how you can secure your financial future with access to knowledge and education about some of the best business ventures on the planet plus access to the best marketing training and marketing platforms on the internet!


As the technology industry is the best industry for future investments I believe I have found an up an coming hot investment when it comes to the combination of mobile technology and Digital Currency! You can learn more about my advised Coin Offering Investment for 2019 and beyond!

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"My Secrets to Success"

Business 1

A Golden Humanitarian Program
Introducing a global initiative that brings life-changing FINANCIAL FREEDOM to millions of families around the world… While Revolutionizing The Direct Sales Industry of gold and silver.  Karatbars International has created what could be argued the world's most effective humanitarian effort to transfer global wealth from cash to gold in a very short space of time!

Milestones of Karatbars International

1. Started with 1 gram gold Karatbars.

2. Then cards for special occasions (4th July out) and Collectors card.

3. Development of CashGold as a worldwide means of exchange with 24-carat gold.

4. Development of KBC and KCB with partner companies.

5. Development of the world's first Voice-over-Blockchain-Protocol Smartphone IMpulse K1 Phone with partner companies. 

6. Development of K-Merchant (with a partner company).

7. Further innovative blockchain solutions etc.

The Gold Company
2011 was a decisive year for Dr. h.c. Harald Seiz. With the founding of Karatbars International GmbH in Stuttgart, his dream of making gold available and transferable for many people at all times came true. CEO and founder Harald Seiz recognized that gold in small denominations must be affordable for everyone and thus offers many people the opportunity to build and preserve a secure existence in the form of gold. GoldCards with small integrated fine gold bars of 1 gram are shipped from Stuttgart all over the world. Today Karatbars International is the market leader for gold in small denominations. Gold was the past and is the future. Today, digital gold can be sent to any Karatbars partner worldwide via Karatpay, a transaction app developed by Karatbars. 2017 was another important year for Karatbars International. After company founder Dr. h.c. Harald Seiz recognized the possibilities of new technologies such as the Blockchain and developed together with his technology partner Cryptodata groundbreaking solutions for digital transactions and communication. The Impulse K1 came onto the market at the end of 2019 and the WHIM Laptop will appear at the beginning of 2020 - both the first communication solutions with voice-over-blockchain communication.

Karatbar’s Company is currently based on the following projects:

Karatbars International GmbH , KaratGold Coin , KaratPay System, KaratCoinBank, KaratBit Exchange, Karatbars CEM


Ordering and paying via Zapaygo takes you, out of the Queue!
Why wait?
Business 2: The Mobile Payments App 
Zapaygo for everything you buy!
Zapaygo provides a menu of goods or services and a pre-order and payment facility to consumers through a free smartphone application.

The technology has been developed to innovate an age-old customer problem and to help venues and visitors improve their customer experience. 

Zapaygo will become the leading mobile payment platform in the sports, leisure and hospitality sectors.

The app streamlines the ordering and payment process in bars, restaurant, stadiums and many other venues, helping users and all types of businesses by reducing wasted time in queues and enhancing the service experience for everyone.

Ordering and paying via Zapaygo takes you, out of the Queue!


With Zapaygo, you don’t need to wait in a queue, or stand in line, you can order from the convenience of your own phone.
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